Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy All Saints' Day!

All Saints' Day officially the Solemnity of All Saints and also called All Hallows or Hallowmas, often shortened to All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by parts of Western Christianity, in honor of all the saints, known and unknown.
The day commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven and is a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries. The next day, All Souls' Day, commemorates the departed faithful who have not yet reached heaven.
Catholics celebrate All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day because of the fundamental belief that there is a prayerful spiritual communion between those in the state of grace who have died and are either being purified in purgatory or are in heaven (the 'church penitent' and the 'church triumphant', respectively), and the 'church militant' who are the living. Different Christian traditions define, remember and respond to the saints in very different ways.
Who are the saints you admire? How are you living a saintly example? Let’s design some layouts to answer these questions!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Assignment August Challenge - the Eucharist

What does the Eucharist mean to you? This month, I would like to see layouts that show this. Link your layouts below, so we can come and comment! Peace be with you

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Patron Saint

Here is my example for the challenge!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Assignment July: Scrap Your Saint

In these summer months, it can be hard to find time and inspirations to scrapbook. After all we are out enjoying the time with our families and all of the wonderful activities of summer.

I am going to take time this week to reflect on my patron saint.

What is a patron saint?
According to "Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes -- anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century."

Who is your patron saint and why are they important to you? What examples can we take from his/her life? I would love to see some layouts from you about this! Feel free to post them here!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pentacost Sunday - Come Holy Spirit

What is Pentacost and what does it mean to you?

A feast of the universal Church which commemorates the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, fifty days after the Resurrection of Christ, on the ancient Jewish festival called the "feast of weeks" or Pentecost (Exodus 34:22; Deuteronomy 16:10). Whitsunday is so called from the white garments which were worn by those who were baptised during the vigil; Pentecost ("Pfingsten" in German), is the Greek for "the fiftieth" (day after Easter).

My challenge to you this week is to do a layout that shows a tradition around Pentacost or what the Holy Spirit has meant in your life.

My LO is of my dad when he was small. The tradition in his church was to parade in white garments, young and old got together and did this. Please link your layouts back to the blog so we can leave you some loving feedback!

Peace be with each of you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge #1 - We Believe

Nicene Creed - Profession of Faith

We believe in God, the Father, the Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
and all that is seen and unseen.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father,
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father.
Through him all things were made.
For us men and for our salvation
he came down from heaven:
by the power of the Holy Spirit
he was born of the Virgin Mary,
and became man.
For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate;
he suffered, died, and was buried.
On the third day he rose again
in fulfilment of the Scriptures;
he ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead,
and His kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son.
With the Father and the Son
he is worshipped and glorified.
He has spoken through the Prophets.

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.
We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.
We look for the resurrection of the dead,
and the life of the world to come.


The challenge for us today is to:
1. Pick a size of layout that you want to do for your book (12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x 6, 8 1/2 x 11, 12 x 6 or some other size)
2. Create your first LO and post a link to it back to our site, so we can leave you some love. Your LO should focus on the Nicene Creed, our profession of faith, and what it means to you.

Looking forward to seeing your LOs here!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Challenges for Your Catholic Faith Book

Welcome to the Catholic Scrapbooking Challenge Blog! I am glad to see you here. Whether you are a life-long Catholic, a new convert, or a seeker, welcome. We will be working on a book to pass on our faith, document our faith life and maybe throw in a few fun cards and altered items along the way! I hope you will choose to focus on what being Catholic means to you. Every challenge on this blog will be based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible and the special seasons and event of the Church. While we are on this journey we will share inspiration, layouts and our journey of faith. Please consider joining me as you can to talk about and share this most important aspect of our lives.

We will have a challenge two times a month and tutorials as well. In the near future, I hope to gather a design team of inspired Catholic women (and men too!), who are committed to sharing the faith.

Challenges will be posted on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Check back often for inspiration and challenges!

Also please sign up to follow this blog! I will look forward to getting to know each of you better. Peace Be With You!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon A Blog for Catholic Scrapbookers

Be watching this space for tips and tutorials for scrapbooking. We will focus on layouts that represent our Catholic values and teachings.