Week 4 - Continuing to Move Along

So how did your challenge to change go?  Are you walking more closely with the Lord?
Do you need to go to Reconciliation to close up the gap?

Sin wounds our relationship with God and others as well as our human dignity.  Faith reveals to us the destructive force of sin in our lives and the world. (US Catholic Catechism for Adults (USCCB), pg 245.

Knowing that we have sinned and fallen short is a burden.  Reconciliation gives us an opportunity for a new start.

This week's assignment is to do a layout on why you do or do not go to confession on a regular basis....  Think about what helps or hinders you.

Remember that there are three parts to the Sacrament of Reconciliation

  1. Contrition - the careful examination of conscience.  Admission of wrongdoing and accepting our responsibility.
  2. Confession - Telling our sins to a priest
  3. Penance - An action that you take at the direction of the priest to express your resolve to do better and make amends.
We'll see you again next week!

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