Week 3 - Moving Forward

Skagit Valley Washington Tulip Festival 2013

So how did last week go? Did you journal about the week two questions.  If not, or if you are just checking this out, go back and check out the week 2 questions.  We need to see ourselves "warts and all" in order to confess and receive God's forgiveness.  

Last week may have been  hard and perhaps even unpleasant to think about.  It is a vital part of renewal to look honestly at yourself.  In the weeks that follow we will "move forward" and get "reenergized".  

This week we are going to look at our answers to each of the questions and decide how we can make ourselves beautiful temples for God and be God's reflection and presence in the world.  We know we are valuable, right?

This week, I want you to take your responses from last week and create one page about change.  How can you change to live more within God's commandments?  

So our task is fairly simple, review last week, including the verses cited.  Pick one way that you can improve and create a page with journaling (remember it can be hidden) about how you are moving forward this week!

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