Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beginning April 3, 2013......

Beginning April 3, 2013, I will be beginning a six week person and faith enhancing class series here at Catholic Scrapbooking.

What does it cost?   Not a thing for the class itself, this is free to anyone who would like to participate along with me.  You may wish to document your journey and I will provide a suggested list of supplies that we will use.

What will I gain?  A refreshed soul, and hopefully a clarified faith.

Details:    Each week a new, written, thought provoking lesson will be posted on this blog. You can choose to do as much as suggested or as little as you like. This short course will be based on the teachings, as I understand them, of the Catholic Church.  I welcome people of all faiths to participate and if your views differ, welcome open, respectful discussion.  The lessons will stay true to the catechism of the Catholic Church, conservative beliefs and lessons from the saints.  If this is for you, just leave a message below to let me know you will participate along

You will have the option to post your art in a on-line gallery and link it here!

What is next?  Look for a suggest list of supplies by the second of April.

Peace be with you..........


  1. Where are weeks 4, 5 and 6?! I am a very late starter, but hope you were able to post them. Thank you so very much, for even doing the first 1 2 and 3!