Friday, March 11, 2011

Believe In Miracles

With today's earthquakes and resulting tsunami, we look at photographs and it doesn't look like there is a miracle to be found. We need to remember at these bleakest of times, Jesus walks beside us. He knows our needs and as time passes, I am confident that we will hear of small miracles. For now, I offer praises that my co-workers wife's family, who live in Japan were South of the earthquake and are safe. I am thankful that our dear friends in Hawaii are safe, we spoke to all of them today. These indeed are small blessings and things to be thankful for. I will continue to pray for those who are effected by the disaster and hope that what is needed will be there for everyone.

I made this card a few days ago for the 365 Cards challenge of an arch shaped card. Arch shapes always remind me of church windows. I used Pink Paislee Papers, Prima flowers and a wonderful sentiment sticker from SRM Shine Your Light Stickers. Lets all hope to be a light on a hill at this difficult time.

<3 Victoria

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  1. Victoria, it is so nice to see someone give the lord credit for all that he does for us. Everything is done for a reason and i pray that the victims of these disasters will learn to praise and trust in our lord. I know he will use this horrible situation for his glory, i just cant wait to see how:)